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Birthdate:Aug 24, 1985
Location:Albertville, Alabama, United States of America
Website:My Writings
"People think dreams aren't real just because they aren't made of matter, of particles. Dreams are real. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes." — Neil Gaiman

I gladly give out invite codes to people when I have them! Feel free to ask me if you want one!
I have codes available right now! Feel free to snag one!

Alexandria (Lexi/Keeper), 25, female, writer, roleplayer, gamer, geek, pagan
private (f-locked) posting at [personal profile] keeperlefae

from left to right, top to bottom: doesn't like Twilight, Alice fan (especially Hatter), Asian ball-jointed doll collector, nightowl, polytheist, hobby chef, web geekery, Dreamwidth supporter, hopeless romantic, avid reader, web flirt, imaginative, musicholic, original fiction writer, Kemetic (ancient Egyptian paganism), Castiel (Supernatural) fan, Sims 3 player, writer, knitter/crocheter, Neil Gaiman fan, Supernatural fan, happy bubble is happy, snarky sarcasm, random things of randomness, really doesn't like Twilight.

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Check out my writing blog: [community profile] ibisscrawl (also [community profile] heavensambassador)

I tend to post multiple times per day; under a variety of access filters. Just so you know. ^^

GENERAL NOTE: There's simply not enough room in the interest box to list everything I'm interested in... And I tend to rotate things out periodically until I've decided what stays, what goes, and find the communities and people I want to find through those interests. So, yeah. Expect changes there often.

NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO SUDDENLY DISCOVER ME ON THEIR FRIENDS OF LISTS: I'm sorry if I didn't introduce myself. I tend to be somewhat...internet shy unless you strike up conversation in IM (let's face it, it's easier to "disappear" that way). If you do happen to find yourself added to my friends list, it's because you either A)are familiar to me from some website/forum/group/community/whatever; B)have an interesting/amusing profile/blog that I wanted to read more from you; or C)were, at that moment, the center of my attention for longer than a couple of minutes to skim over your profile/blog and I decided to keep up with what else you had to say. All of which I'm pretty sure are good things. :)

NOTE TO COMMUNITIES: I'm a community lurker, usually. I tend not to post too much directly to communities (though if I find something that I would like to express my opinion on in a community, I do try to remember to link back to it), unless I am invited to join that community or I really like the feel of it. I read a lot more than what I post, so if you find me on your watch list, that's probably what I'm doing. If I don't voluntarily request to join, feel free to send me an invitation. I can't promise I'll post often, but I can promise I won't post junk. Thank you.


The majority of this journal is NSFW.
Some posts are rated 18+ (for sexual content and/or alcohol references).
Fanfic and other writings above the T rating are always behind cuts.
You have been warned! Read this journal at work/school AT YOUR OWN RISK!


In an emergency situation, every second counts.
I participate in the Dreamwidth Emergency Contact Information First Post program.
Do you? The life you save may be your own.

Interests (200):

alice in wonderland, alternate histories, alternate universes, american gods, ancient cultures, ancient egypt, ancient history, anime, anpu, art, arthur/merlin, asian horror, baking, ball-jointed dolls, bisexuality, books, bookshops, british writers, caffeine, cartoons, castiel, chai, challenging perceptions, changeling: the dreaming, changeling: the lost, chocolate, coffee, coffee shops, cooking, creating, creativity, crochet, cuddling, dark chocolate, dark fantasy, darkness, dean winchester, dean/castiel, dean/sam, death, dessert, destiny, discworld, divinity, djehuty, drawing, dream of doll, dreams, dreamwidth, ebooks, edgar allan poe, edward scissorhands, egyptian gods, egyptian mythology, empathy, exalted, fae, fairy tales, family of choice, fan art, fan fiction, fanfiction, fantasy, fate, fiction, firefly, friends, gamers, gaming, geeks, ghosts, gnosis, goddesses, gods, good omens, graphic novels, graveyards, great fictional characters, green tea, hatter, hatter m, historical fantasy, historical fiction, history, horror, horror movies, hot tea, hugs, hunter: the vigil, imaginary friends, imagination, japan, japanese food, joe muggs, kanji, karaoke, kaylee, kemetic, kemetic religion, kemeticism, knitting, languages, learning, legends, libraries, literature, looking glass wars, ma'at, mad hatter, manga, merlin, middle ages, misha collins, mocking bad fic, modern fantasy, monty python, mountain dew, muses, music, mysteries, mythbusters, mythology, nanowrimo, national novel writing month, neil gaiman, nerdfighters, neteru, nightmare before christmas, nintendo ds, nintendo wii, novel writing, novels, okami, original fiction, paganism, paranormal, parapsychology, past lives, photography, polytheism, pomegranates, psychology, quality writing, quotes, randomness, ranger, reading, reincarnation, religion, research, reusable shopping bags, role-playing games, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rpg, rpgs, sam winchester, sandman, sarcasm, science, scion, scribe, serenity, shadownessence, sims 2, sims 3, slash, smiles, snuggling, sony reader, sookie stackhouse, soulbonding, south park, spirituality, spn, steampunk, stephanie plum, storytelling, strangeness, strawberries, super smash brothers, supernatural, suspense, tea, terry pratchett, the sims, threesomes, tim burton, true fae, urban fantasy, v for vendetta, vampire: the dark ages, vampire: the masquerade, vampires, victorian, wonderland, words, world of darkness, writing,

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